Friday, January 31, 2014

Lightbulb Moment: Use Tablets for Accessing Wikis!

The other day I was playing in survival mode on the PC for practice, and I realized that I didn't know how to craft a single thing. Not even a darn pickaxe! That's lame.

I pulled up the Minecraft wiki and began looking up crafting recipes, but because I don't have a dual-monitor setup I had to keep switching back and forth between Minecraft and the wiki every time I needed to craft something.

Finally I resorted to pulling out my iPhone and using that as my wiki resource, which worked out great! Then it occurred to me - the kids are going to have this exact same problem, and would probably appreciate using a second device as a wiki too!

I spoke with our Outdoor Learning teacher, who has ten Samsung tablets for his program, and he agreed to let us borrow them for our next cluster meeting. Awesome!

Since then, I have discovered a new, easier-to-use wiki resource: Diamond Boots

This site looks great on a tablet and is easily searchable. It's my new go-to crafting source!

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  1. Just found this blog via a school connection; I am a Laurel Mtn parent of a Minecraft fanatic in 5th grade. So interesting to watch your project - thank you!