Monday, January 13, 2014

Technical Challenges Overcome! (Well, some anyway...)

MinecraftEdu is purchased and installed on a few test machines, and every time I log in it works fantastically! However, I quickly ran into a couple of unexpected problems, both of them occurring when another user logged into that same machine.

First of all, with any other user but me logged in, MinecraftEdu was not installed. It turns out the default installation location was in my roaming app data, so I changed future installs to go to Program Files. That seemed to fix that problem.

Once that was fixed, whenever a user would launch MinecraftEdu nothing would happen. Nothing. The program would just disappear. I had some help from Information Services, who figured out that it was a permissions problem. To solve this, I had to change the permissions on the MinecraftEdu folder for all users to "write". That seemed to do the trick!

Issues still to be figured out:
- Minecraft is installed on all the machines in the lab; however, most of them did not get the desktop shortcut installed (so the kids have to navigate through C:>Program Files>MinecraftEdu>startlauncher.jar) OR the shortcut DID get installed but the icon won't show up correctly so it just looks like a white piece of paper.

-Can anyone with Minecraft connect to my campus-based server? I have tested it from other campuses within the district, and was able to connect successfully (which will be good when we want to collaborate with other schools). I still need to test it from outside our network.


  1. Sara, I'm so glad that you're taking on this endeavor- and that you're blogging about it as you go! Great details in the posts I've read so far that should make it easier to replicate this model in the future.

  2. Sara, if you change the permissions on the desktop icon and move to the public desktop, the icon will show up for all users.