Monday, February 10, 2014

Mods and "Snow" Days

I did it! I successfully loaded a mod!

Okay, so I had to have someone sit with me and explicitly teach me where to put the downloaded files. Even then, I put the file in the wrong place three times. I'm still a little confused about how to tell whether a mod is a server mod or a client mod, so I basically put the file in every possible location and then deleted them one at a time until the mod loaded. But let's focus on the positive - I loaded a mod!

Which mod? Well, it would've made sense to start with WorldGuard or something that would actually be helpful to my cluster; however, my 8-year-old has been DYING to try out the Pixelmon mod because of his dual obsessions with Minecraft and Pokemon, so I started with that.

Here's the thing with Pixelmon. I play Pokemon X on my 3DS XL (am I the only parent here who still plays stuff like this?) and I play Minecraft. I know some stuff about both of these topics, but once I saw that I successfully had loaded the mod and the excitement of that accomplishment wore off, I realized I had absolutely no idea how to play with this mod. NONE. I chased a Minecraft-version of a Pokemon around the forest for a bit while clicking madly on it with no result. So, now I'm off to YouTube and my 8-year-old to figure it out.

Next topic: "Snow" days

These snow/ice/too-cold-for-school days are really putting a damper on my Minecraft cluster. How is it possible that everysingleone of these days is a Friday?! So weird.

Anyway, this Friday is supposed to be great weather so here's hoping we can get some Crafting done!

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