Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our City is Growing!

Our students were back to work on their city this Friday. I was so excited to see what would happen after the last meeting, which was so wonderfully industrious!

The students sat on the floor like usual, and Mrs. Shrull and I talked about how proud we were of their work last week. We praised their collaboration and polite conversations (because we definitely want it to continue!). After a quick discussion about the upcoming showcase, the kids all logged in and resumed their construction tasks.

Beginning the Hershey's Kiss

Making progress on the Emerald Mansion

The castle, bakery, mansion and farm are all taking shape and looking great! Someone made an awesome scaffold addition to the farm. A group of girls began working on the all-important Hershey's Kiss today, and it's turning out really cute!

The Hershey's Kiss

Inside the Hershey's Kiss - complete with lamps!

Awesome Farm!

Occasionally Mrs. Shrull or I would have to remind a student to stick to the task at hand, because they'd come up with these great ideas for new things to build. We told them that once we had finished the original project, we could start on something new.

Happily, the same calm, collaborative atmosphere from last week continued this week! If someone wanted to move or break something, it was done politely and with permission.

Mrs. Shrull took notes of conversations she overheard:
     "Is it ok if I break this so I can have it?"
     "yeah, sure."
     -said to me: "She said I could break it."

     "Why are you breaking it?" (said to different student)
     "We're breaking it so they can build their moat. We're gonna move it."

     "I'm planting cocoa beans because I know that almost everything you would bake in a     bakery needs chocolate."

Aerial View

These kids are having so much fun working together on this project. When I see these students in the hallway or in their classrooms, they always make sure to let the other kids know "she's my Minecraft teacher!". LOVE IT. 

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