Monday, February 24, 2014

Student Reporters: From Filming to Playing

Minecraft is like a super-powerful magnet for kids, and I think it's really funny.

While we've been working with Minecraft, other clusters around campus are doing things like friendship bracelets, Lego constructions and movie making. (Clusters are really fun. I wish I'd had them growing up!) The last two cluster meetings we've had, students from other clusters have been showing up in our room armed with video cameras. They're making a documentary about our cluster, which is awesome!

Here's the funny part for me: No matter which kids come into our cluster, and no matter what they're supposed to be doing, they inevitably get drawn into the game. They offer advice or ask questions of our students, and sometimes even sit down to play!

Someone here is supposed to be filming

I can't wait to see these Minecraft documentaries!

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