Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Cricket in Times Square

Today I spent some time in Ms. Ferriola's 2nd grade TAG class teaching the basics of Minecraft so they can begin a really cool project. The students just finished reading A Cricket in Times Square, and they want to recreate the main settings from the story within Minecraft. One student even suggested they reenact the story once the setting is built!

Ms. Ferriola and I spoke a couple of weeks ago about beginning this adventure, and she did a great job prepping the 2nd graders. When I walked into the room today, they had already mapped out exactly what was going to be built, who was going to construct it, and who was the "project manager" in charge of each building. In addition, they had agreed upon rules of conduct and consequences for breaking those rules.

We spent most of today just learning the controls, although a couple of the students had already played Minecraft on the PC and were able to begin constructing. I watched one 2nd grader figure out the perimeter of the floor of his pagoda. Math AND reading integration!

Times Square begins!

I'm excited to see how the world turns out. I've taught Ms. Ferriola how to run the server, so she's going to be heading this project while I just check in from time to time. Minecraft is starting to spread around our school. Awesome!

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