Friday, March 21, 2014

Area and Perimeter World - Check it Out!

I finally made a decent walk-through video of the 3rd grade area and perimeter world! I used a better desktop computer and the trial version of Camtasia, and that seemed to do the trick. Now the hardest part is walking around smoothly enough to not give the audience vertigo.

Take a look at these homes! The kids did an awesome job of creating and calculating area and perimeter. (Warning: video is about 17 minutes long!)

**Edit** If the below video does not show, click here to view on YouTube.

Mrs. Smith's Class - Area and Perimeter City

By the way, did you notice I successfully embedded a video into my blog? I learned that you won't see an embedded video until the post is published. I figured that out after an hour of trying to decipher HTML code and then giving up and hitting "Publish". Always something new to learn!

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