Thursday, March 6, 2014

Recording a World - Not as Easy as I Thought?

Last Friday I spent quite a while touring the area and perimeter world while recording my trip using Jing. This turned out to be really frustrating because:

- Jing only allows you to record in 5-minute increments. This isn't going to cut it. I suppose I'll need to invest in something like Camtasia Studio?

- I was doing this on my laptop. When I was in-game, it was smooth and the graphics loaded nicely. When I watched the published video of the walk-through, though, it was horribly choppy. I am wondering now if I need to use a better computer? If that's not the problem, I am unsure what to do next.

I know it's possible to make great recordings of Minecraft gameplay, because I see them all the time on YouTube. Now I'm off to Google some solutions...

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