Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Goods and Services

Mrs. Rumpf's 2nd grade class has been studying goods and services in their Social Studies lessons. We took this opportunity to integrate Minecraft as part of their learning!

The students joined a flat, creative world and decided whether to work alone or in teams. Each group or individual chose a good or service to offer and built a store or other building to "sell" their products. (There is a mod you can load that allows a monetary economy, but we decided that was unnecessary for this lesson)

There were lots of great ideas! We had hotels, bakeries, a blacksmith, bookstores and even a roller coaster! Students who finished their buildings early helped to connect the stores with sidewalks and streetlamps. The student creating the rollercoaster decided to expand his coaster so that it toured the entire village!

The village from above

Creating fantastic street lamps

A lovely bookstore

The interior of the bookstore

Aerial view of the roller coaster

An incredible hotel

A very modern-looking bakery

These buildings turned out really well. Hard to believe they were created by second graders!

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