Friday, October 17, 2014

The League of Extraordinary Crafters

Our Enrichment Clusters have begun for 4th and 5th graders, and our students are SO excited to be a part of the League of Extraordinary Crafters! 

We began the first meeting by discussing and agreeing upon a set of rules and expectations for how we will interact in person and in the game. (This is always the first thing that needs to be done when using Minecraft with students.) 

Here are the rules the kids came up with:
  1. We do not kill each other
  2. No griefing (don’t destroy other people’s stuff)
  3. No stealing (even if someone dies)
  4. No potion throwing
  5. Be nice! Don’t be a jerk or dark.

We will continue to examine and modify these rules as we meet. We then began a list of ideas of possible products to create for the showcase in December. Ideas included:
  • A big modern building thingy
  • Build a tutorial world 
  • Build a maze 
  • A city 
  • Big toilet with big parkour in the sewer system 
  • A bigger house than the world’s biggest Minecraft house, including the toilet 
  • Mini-games 
  • a farm with animals 
  • make a giant person and make a parkour course to retrieve a certain object 
  • Treehouse and roller coaster 
  • Medieval village with a castle and stuff

Next, we set the kids loose on the MinecraftEdu tutorial world. There were a few students who had never played on PC before, so this was a good place to differentiate for abilities. Those who were experts could move through the world at a fast pace and begin to solve the puzzles, while the newbies could figure out the controls.

Touring the Tutorial World

The time went by very quickly and the students were reluctant to leave. That's a sign they enjoyed their cluster!

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