Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cluster Project: Medieval Village

Our Enrichment Cluster students have settled on a project for the showcase. They've decided to recreate a medieval village!

We began a flat, snowy world and they planned to create small huts and houses. They set off and began creating. At the end of our hour, this is what the village looked like:

We decided that, although this looked pretty cool, it didn't necessarily imitate a medieval village. At the next meeting, we sat down and really examined some images of actual villages to study the materials and architecture used with the buildings. We also checked out some maps of villages to determine how they might be laid out. 

With that in mind, the students decided to scrap the snowy world rather than remake it and start over with a new classic flat world. In addition, one student suggested we use a resource pack to make the village really reflect the materials used during that time period. We chose the Halcyon Days pack, and I installed it on the client machines (after learning how to do this).

Here's how the texture pack changed the look of the buildings:

No texture pack applied
With Halcyon Days pack applied

The students decided that we also needed more of a plan before building, rather than everyone just going off and constructing buildings randomly. There was a lot more communication this time, although we will still need to work on that a little bit more. 

Can't wait to see how the final product turns out!

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