Friday, April 11, 2014

Escape from Everest

The past two Tech Club meetings, the students have elected to do some more Minecrafting. I wanted to try out a new map and a new way of having kids work together, so I loaded the "Escape from Everest" map onto the server.

Escape from Everest is an interesting twist on regular Minecraft. Players load into a small room deep in an underground cave. They eventually figure out that they are trapped on the top of Mount Everest, and the world has been flooded because of environmental disasters. They have to work together to escape into space.

I did not prep the kids with the storyline before playing, except to remind them about griefing and working together nicely. It took them quite a while to discover what their goals needed to be, but once they did they naturally grouped themselves into small teams to work together. Of course, there were a couple of students who just wanted to explore the hidden cave network and not really contribute to the overall goal, but that was fine.

They have yet to escape from Everest, but they are working well together to get it done!