Thursday, January 8, 2015

Medieval Village Complete!

Our cluster of 4th and 5th graders worked really hard for several hours to recreate their version of a medieval village, and were finally ready to present their world for a community audience at the showcase just before the winter holiday.

We used the Halcyon Days texture pack to achieve a medieval look. We also used the CustomNPCs mod to create a few NPC characters around the village to interact with, but the tools that come along with that mod made for some great decorations as students mounted weapons and armor into item frames on the walls.

Have a look at the finished product!

Overhead shot looking at the town marketplace

A Trading Post

The Wool Shop for all your weaving needs

A jail (I think)

A small church

Overhead view with a nearly-complete castle in the distance

Medieval farm near the town wall

I'm continuously learning new things as I work with students and Minecraft. This was the first time I enabled build tools for students, and I decided to try it when I saw how much tedious work was being done on the perimeter wall and the giant castle. I had the students elect two people who would be able to use these tools, so that we didn't crash my server and there would be minimal damage if someone went crazy with the fill tool. I felt bad that I hadn't introduced it sooner, but I guess it's kind of like how your calculus teacher shows you this really complicated method of solving a math problem so you understand how it works, then pulls out this huge time-saving easy method of doing the same thing? Yeah, I'll go with that.

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