Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A lull in the action... but not for long!

It's been a while since I've last updated with student projects, but we have got some really cool stuff in the works!

Besides the ongoing Enrichment Cluster with Mrs. Marshall, the teachers and I have been planning some new and exciting lessons that will appear here soon! (The kids don't know about most of these yet. Shhh!)

- Use Minecraft as an assessment of area, perimeter and volume with 3rd grade
- Reinterpret famous works of art within Minecraft with Mrs. Schorn's 4th grade art classes
- Create movies relating to a chapter book Mrs. Ferriola's 3rd graders are reading (we will use Camtasia Studio for this)
- 4th graders participating in my new 3D modeling and printing class will build structures within Minecraft to print on a 3D printer!

Along with all that, many 4th graders are about to start work on individual or small-group projects that use Minecraft to teach about world cultures. These kids (all from different classes) will all come down to the lab and work together in a world on one server. I'll be trying to figure out how best to accomplish this task, since each project is quite different from the last. Maybe use portals or a mod of some sort? I'll be doing some research and asking other experts (including some of the kids here!) to see what ideas they might have.

Stay tuned!

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