Wednesday, March 25, 2015

An Exciting Visit!

Right before Spring Break, our students were thrilled to host some visitors and show off their Minecrafting skills! I was contacted by some lovely people from Microsoft's Minecraft in Education team who wanted to come to our school (along with representatives from Doberman and Mojang!) and see how we use MinecraftEdu. How exciting!

I organized two groups of students for our visitors to see:

  • A group of 3rd graders who were just beginning a project, so we could demonstrate how we start off. These kids finished reading "A Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom" and wrote a spin-off story about the prince from The Little Mermaid. They had already done some prep work beforehand, such as deciding on jobs and assigning roles, but nothing had been done in Minecraft prior to the visit.
  • A group of 4th graders who chose to use Minecraft as a vehicle for teaching others about their cultural heritage. These students had been working on their projects for a couple of weeks (2-3 hours cumulatively), so the visitors could see how we handled Minecraft after a project had taken off. These students worked in small groups or individually to create an area of a map that showed some aspect of their culture. I had connected these areas with teleportation stations so the future audience could easily travel from one project to another.
The students were told a few days ahead of time about their guests, so when the day finally arrived they were SO EXCITED. The 4th graders arrived chanting "MOJANG! MOJANG!", and the 3rd graders ate lunch in the classroom to finish preparations for their session.

Our visitors were impressed with our students' work, and I was proud of how well they worked together! After each session the students asked for autographs from all of the visitors, who were kind enough to take the time to do it. The kids were also able to ask questions, most of which were directed to Vu since he had the most inside knowledge about Minecraft itself.

Check out the photos from the visit! I'm so thankful our kids got the opportunity to meet these people and be a part of such an exciting event!

Vu playing with the kids

Kimmy from Doberman asking the tough questions (using a pig)

Group Shot!

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