Monday, March 23, 2015

The Future Looks Awesome!

Our 2nd and 3rd grade Enrichment Cluster students have completed their Tomorrowland, and it looks amazing! They worked on this project for one hour a week for about 7 weeks. Most of the students had played Minecraft on a console or tablet, so the PC controls were new to them. They mastered this problem quickly, though, and went on to create this fantastic city!

Aerial View

Inside the Airport

Inside the Airport - TSA Only!

Inside the Airport - Passenger Entrance

Check out the floating buildings!

Lovely Home

Aerial Garden

Home with an Indoor Waterfall

Tomorrowland Playground

Tomorrowland Museum

Grab a boat to take a water tour of the city

Observation Platform - swim up to get there!

Hotdog Stand of the Future

Build on a cloud!

Tomorrowland from up high

Helpful Map

That was photo overload, but I'm so proud of these kids! The superintendent came to view their Showcase presentation and was quite impressed with their work.

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